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14 Cheshvan Igeret Hakodesh chapter 27

It is easier for a Chasid to get to the Rebbi after the histalkus (after he passes away).
after the histalkus The Rebbe is more alive in the worlds.
So we may ask what is so special in a Yartzeit (day of passing away)? On this day other parts of the Neshama come down and join the basic part that stayed around the Rebbe's Tziun (tomb) .
[there are 5 parts of the soul
1. Nefesh
The first part stays in this world even after the Tzadik passes away. the second and third parts come down on the Yartzeit.
By the way the reason we dont visit Kivrei (tombs) Tadikim on Shabbat is because on Shabbat the lowest part of the soul, the nefesh, goes up.
Reb Michel from Zlotshov got sick after the Histalkus of the Baal shem Tov (past away).
The Baal shem Tov revealed himself to him in his dream and told him not to be so sad since he will be able to communicate with him on the Yartzeit day.
The Rashab went to Kivrei Tzadikim . He said it took him years to get over the overwelming things he heard there.

מעשה ביהודי אחד שהיה ידוע בעיירה כגנב.
בערב שלפני יום כיפור למד עם רב העיירה והגיע לדרגת תשובה שהביאה אותו לבכי גדול. הוא הצטער על מצבו העגום ועל גניבותיו הרבות.
כך למדן הרב והיהודי שהיה ידוע כגנב כל הלילה.
ביום המחרת הרבנית גילתה כי שעון הזהב של הרב נעלם. היא מיד הוגיע על כך לרב ושאלה אותו היכן השעון . האם השארת אותו באיזה מקום ? שאלה. הרב לא יכל להסתיר ממנה וסיפר לה שלמד כל הלילה עם אותו יהודי אומלל. הרבנית מיד חשדה בגנב . הרב אמר שלא יכול להיות הרי היהודי הזה בכה ועשה תשובה גמורה.
הרבנית לחצה ולחצה ובלית ברירה הלך הרב אל בית היהודי ושאל אותו בעדינות אם אולי ראה את השעון שאבד.
לפליאתו הרבה של הרב נכנס היהודי לביתו והוציא אליו את השעון. הרב הנדהם קיבל לידיו את השעון ושאל את הגנב : "איך יכולת" ?
הגנב ענה : "אתמול בערב עשיתי תשובה על הגניבות שלי אבל מה אעשה בשביל פרנסה ?".

הרב דייטש מסביר שככה כולנו . אנחנו בוכים ומצטערים אבל בכל זאת .... צריך לעשות משהו בשביל התאוות.
העניין הזה מופיע בתפילת יום כיפור כשאנחנו אומרים "למען נחדל מעושק ידינו"
ידוע שעבירה היא גניבה מהאדם העליון ומסירה לאדם דלעומת זה.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

13 Cheshvan Igeret Hakodesh chapter 27 and Derech mitzvotecha

Tanya portion has to be updated
The passage of materialism and spirituality from nothingness to this world has to come through the funnel of the Sovev....

כולם בחכמה עשית
"you (Hashem)have created all with Chochma (wisdom)"
In Chasidus we learn that in regards to Hashems essence - Endless light - the physical creation (Asiya) and the initial point of light (Khokhma) is equal.
To us it it may make a big difference. After all the Khokhma Sefira is almost the highest level of Gdlyness we can relate to. but in relation to the essenec of hashem all behkinos (aspects) are equal.
They asked Shmuel Ber- a Talmid of Reb Hillel of Paritch how does he feel in relation to his Rabbi. A cat went by . Shmuel Ber said that its like the relation to cat.
Afterward he explained that he did not mean that the relation between him and his Rabbi is like the relation between him and the cat. He meant to say that the cat and him are equal when they are compared to Reb Hillel.
The equal nekuda (point) in the creation is the Or Hasovev (surrounding light) .
And the idea of Or Hasovev answers the famous question that the Rabbis had on ability of Hashem to dwell in Mekomot hametunafim (dirty places) . There is an Halacha that tells us that we can noy learn or ebven think torah in the toilet. dirty places is not limited to physivcal unclean places . there is evil in the world . how can hashem dwell with evil.
The Shomer Emunim (one of the famous Rabbis debating on the Ari's Kabbala) said that when the Kabbala talks about Tzimzum of Hashem it means it literally .
There where scholars that held that in the creation of the world(s) Hashem totally "moved" himself out of te picture . We hold by the Shita (way of learning) that hashem is always present in the world . Understating that there is Sovev (surrounding) light and Pnimi (inner) light explains this.
In impure places there is only Sovev . a level that is equal to all beings.
When we say Sovev we are talking about a light that is not reveled , or Mitlabesh (expresses itself) in the world. Pnimi light can become on with the Mekabel (the vessel . the world) the Sovev does not unify itself.
The passage of materialism and spirituality from nothingness to this world has to come through the funnel of the Sovev.


Hassidim tell a story of a crass fellow who stole tefillin and was trying to sell them on the street. People passing by asked the dubious looking fellow where, in fact, he obtained tefillin from. He replied: "Why, I'm a shoemaker. I made them myself!"

We cruise through life with G-d's energy flowing through our bodies, through everything we deal with, through the air that we breathe, bringing everything into being in every moment. Losing awareness of the magnitude of the miracle that we exist in, we look at our achievements and proclaim, "I did it myself!"

Monday, October 27, 2008

Packages (revised from previous post)

Rav Offen from Toras Emes yeshiva in Jerusalem gave an exclusive Farbrengen in my friend’s Succah in Crown Hights .

There is a midrash that tells us about the water at the creation:

לפי שבשעה שפלג הקב"ה את המים, מהם לקח למעלה ומהם נתן למטה, המים שנתן למטה היו מתרגשים ומיללים וצווחים וקוראים ובוכים, ואמרו לא זכינו שנהיה קרוב ליוצרינו, מה עשו? העיזו פניהם ובקעו תהומות וביקשו לעלות למרום עד שגער בהם הקב"ה... אמר להם הקב"ה הואיל ועשיתם כך לכבודי אין להם רשות למים העליונים לומר שירה עד שיטלו רשות מכם". ולא עוד שאתם עתידים ליקרב ע"ג המזבח במלח ובניסוך המים.

When the holy one blessed he divided the waters he took some of the water and made them upper waters and took some and made lower waters.
The water below would gush and wail and cry and would say "we are not fortunate enough to be close to our creator. what did they do? they tried to rebel and try to get back to the heavens. Until the holy one blessed he told them off. He told them: "Since I have done this for my glory I will compensate you (the lower waters) by making a rule that the upper waters will not be able to say their song (grace) without your approval.
And not only this but you will be poured over the alter with the salt and (the Mitzva of) Nisuch Hamayim (on Succot) .

Chassidus explains that everything physical in this world has a spiritual source.
The spiritual (Ruchni) water is what we refer to as Upper waters. The upper waters Inyan (point) is the Oneg (=pleasure) of the higher worlds and Hashem himself.
The lower waters are the physical descendant of the upper water. These waters cried .
How where they compensated? They were given a Mitzvah to be bound with. When doing a Mitzvah in this lower world there is higher pleasure for the essence (Atzmut) of Hashem.
And the same rule applies to us : When there is Oneg in the upper worlds we feel it down here.

The Rebbe says that this is the time of the year to make packages of Simcha . Where do you get this Simcha? Out in the street at Simchas Beit Hashoeva.
Make yourself enough packages so you can go on with unpacking a whole year.
A famous Chassid said that not everyone has Keilim (vessels) to collect this great light. he said that some people collect it in beckets and barrels , but he only has a little cup.Even with my little cup I go out collecting. A small portion at time.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

instant Teshuva

Have you ever seen a child lost in the crowd ? maybe your own, maybe a far memory of yourself?
I went with my son to Zoo a few months ago . i wanted to see how much where the tickets for the 3D insect movie.
When i got back my son was gone! i went all over the place looking for him . I couldn't find him anywhere!
A few minutes later a woman called me and asked me if I am this crying boy's father.
My son was terrified, he hung on to me crying and saying " Aba , why did you leave me?".
Being a Jew is not easy there are hundreds of detailed Mitsvot to keep and on to of that you have to be a Mench - a human being with "perfect manners" . This is almost mission impossible.
We try to do Tshuva year after year . despite of this we find ourselves more or less in the same place a year later. What gives us the energy to do this tshuva instead of giving up ?
We have the ability to cry to hashem .
that's all it takes - one good cry and Hashem cuddles us to him . we are his lost sons.
why do i call it instant Tshuva - because it is so simple yet so hard to .
Cry like a lost child and always remember that the one who is really worried is usually the father!

Monday, September 22, 2008

22 Elul . A few stories

Someone once complained to the Tzemach Tzedek that his heart was not open during davenning (prayers) . He asked the fellow what sort of bread be ate--white (the more expensive) or regular. He responded that he ate white.
"So, what's surprising about that," responded the Rebbe Tzemach Tzedek. "If you eat regular bread and give the difference in price between regular bread and white bread to the poor people of Eretz Yisrael, then your heart will be open during davenning!"

Reb Michel of Zlotchov's father was Reb Yitzel Druvitcher. He was a simple Jew who, through his efforts, raised the level of his soul to that of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.

Reb Aharon of Belz would not enter any home that did not have the book "Noam Elimelech."

The sign of genuine teshuva is the tremendous joy that comes in its wake.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Chai Elul @ Tzemach Tzedek - this time in Hebrew

רק הפעם הזאת אני כותב בעברית כל מי שלא יוכל לקרוא את זה סליחה מראש
הראש מסתובב מרוב משקה.
ואשתי תשאל : ככה נראה היום שאחרי ההתועדות הגדולה ??
ואני עונה . כן ולפחות אני יודע מה המצב שלי באלול . לפחות אני לא ממשיך לשקר לעצמי.
וכמה מילים על ההתועדות עצמה לפני שאני מנסה לחבר לכאן את התמונות:
-- עוד לא ראיתי דבר כזה
אם להתבטא בלשון העויילם בפריפריה : מסיבה (PARTY) כזאת לא נראתה במחוזותינו.
אני עומד משתהה פעם אחר פעם נוכח הקהל הכל כך מגוון שהרב דייטש מושך אליו בהתוועדויות.
חסידי אונגוור , פולין וירושלמים על מגוון לבושיהם השונים . ציונים מישבות ההסדר המקומיות ברובע , חיילים בחופשה ובמדים.
ספרדים מישבות ספרדיות מקומיות
אך! איזה אחדות! איזה מגוון.

חשבתי שראיתי הכל ואז התחילו לזרום קבוצות של "אינם שומרי תורה ומצוות" מכפר סבא ופתח תקווה.
ההיכל של צמח צדק היה מלא .
הקהל ישב בכל מקום אפשרי.
הרחבה בחוץ הייתה מלאה.
חדרים צדדיים של צמח צדק התמלאו גם הם בהתוועדויות קטנות . אישיות.

המלך בשדה ואנחנו מנסים להתכונן .
המלך בשדה והרב רוצה שנתחיל לשים לב לבוץ שעל הבגדים שלנו.
המלך בשדה והרב אומר לנו שלהיות תמים זה קריס שמע (קריאת שמע) בזמן.

חי אלול - החיות שבאלול. מה זה להיות חי ? מדענים עד היום לא יכולים להגדיר באופן ברור תא ביולוגי חי לעומת תא ביולוגי מת.
אבל כל ילד יודע שחי זה :חם - ווארמקייט. זז.
ודבר נוסף לחי יש יכולת התנגדות (למה שמים את המת בקבר? כי הוא לא יכול להתנגד חח)

מה אומר ומה אספר . מי שיצליח להגיע להתוועדויות של הרב דייטש ולא לצאת מהכלים יכול להיות בטוח בדבר אחד:
הוא יחווה חוויה שספק אם אפשר לחוות במקום אחר.
חוויה עם טעם של בעל שם טוב.

ואליבא דרב דייטש הסיבה שחבד היא מחד חכמה בינה דעת ומאידך שטות דקדושא זה העניין הפשוט והמופלא
שהבעל שם טוב ובעל התניא נולדו באותו היום.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

11 Elul A few words

The Mitteler Rebbe (second Chabad Rebbe) addresses the issue of Parnasa (making a living) in his book "Derech Chaim." He writes (in the introduction) that there are two kinds of folks who work--one who works very hard and through his hard work earns his living, and another who does not invest great amounts of energy into working but whose work is "blessed" and who sees miraculous growth in his investments!

So --you ask--how does one become like the second guy?

Answers the Mitteler Rebbe-- You get that "blessing" to the extent that you work hard in Torah and mitzvot--fix times for Torah study without compromise and generally put one's effort into matters of Torah and mitzvot.

As the Sages say--"whoever accepts the yoke of Torah upon themselves is spared the yoke of the government and livelihood, and whoever casts away the yoke of Torah is burdened with the yoke of the government and livelihood."

כל המסיר מעל עצמו עול תורה נותנים עליו עול דרך ארץ (פרקי אבות) ת

The Rebbe explained this : learning Torah is not necessary "Ol Torah" . you can actualy enjoy learning . If you are looking for remedy for working so hard to make a living (Ol, Yoke) youi should learn Torah and the Mitzvot Davka when you are not enjoying it so it becomes a true Ol on you taking away the Ol and worries of making a living.

Now there may be people who are "learning" but are lazy. Such folks should be working.